Barrel-Aged Cherry Pie Porter is Finally Here!

Barrel-Aged Cherry Pie Porter is Finally Here!

After a whole year in the oven, we are finally releasing our Cherry Pie Porter! 

You may recall many moons ago when some crazy brewers got together, called some incredible bakers and threw whole cherry pies into a brew. With three mills baker throwing the assist we created our very first Christmas Porter. Cherry, chocolate, and cinnamon embody the aroma and flavour of this full porter. 

Christmas Cherry Pie Porter from Capital Brewing Co on Vimeo.


We then picked up 2 shiraz soaked barrels form with our mates down at Lark Hill and began our first barrel aging program. The Cherry and cinnamon flavours become intimately familiar and took on shiraz notes over the course of 12 months. This process added a rich complexity and depth while retaining the balance of the original brew.

Cherry Pie Porter Barrel Ageing from Capital Brewing Co on Vimeo.


It is now time to finally release this year-long project and enjoy the fruits of so many hours of labor. The beer will be on tap in the brewery from today the 12th of December We hope you'll join us to try some! It won't last long.

AND if you are a member of the Good Natured Crew, you'll to be the first to enjoy the barrel-aged Cherry pie Porter. Head down to the Taproom on the 12th of December at 6:00pm to have Wade chat you through the process from brewing to barreling over a free beer.

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