Capital Brewing Co. COVID19 update

Capital Brewing Co. COVID19 update

The Capital Brewing Co Taproom is open as usual.

Nothing is more important to us than the health and safety of our staff and patrons, we have put in place a number of measures to increase sanitisation in our day to day operations.

You may have heard we received a visit on Saturday 14th March from the second confirmed case of COVID19 in the ACT.

ACT Health has advised us that our venue is safe to operate and that exposure to the public and our staff is very low risk.

ACT Health published this information so any people who have attended the premises between 5 pm and 6:30 pm on Saturday 14th of March can monitor for symptoms. ACT Health also advised the likelihood of transmission to anyone at this time was very low. Contact details for ACT Health with further information here:

As a precaution, we have thoroughly sanitised all customer touchpoints in the venue with industrial-grade contact sanitiser and continue to sanitise the venue multiple times a day.

Please be aware that since Saturday morning we implemented increased sanitation measures to all customer-facing areas in a bid to prevent the virus from spreading in our community

These measures include:

- Our team has been instructed not to come into work if they feel even remotely unwell.
- We have updated our staff with detailed handwashing procedures and are continually reminding the team to wash and sanitise their hands at least every 30 minutes.
- We have provided increased quantities of sanitizer spray to our hospitality team for regular use around the venue.
- We have propped open customer contact doors to eliminate high touch-points.
- A Standard Operating Procedure for increased sanitisation has been circulated to all staff.

We have put in place a number of procedures for high touch points and shared surfaces around the brewery

- EFTPOS Machines - sanitised every 5 minutes.
- Bar Top - Sanitised every 15 minutes.
- Toilet cubicle doors - Sanitise touch-points every 30 minutes.
- Tables - Sanitise every customer rotation with sanitiser spray.
- Door Handles - All propped open to eliminate touchpoints.

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