Rewild the Snowies | We Are Explorers x Keep it Cool x Capital Brewing Co.

Rewild the Snowies | We Are Explorers x Keep it Cool x Capital Brewing Co.

We've partnered with our mates We Are Explorers and Keep It Cool to help crowdfund the planting of 6,000 trees in the Snowy Mountains - one of our favourite places in Australia.

The vision is to Rewild the Snowies by planting native trees that'll sustain local ecology, create desperately needed habitats, and draw down carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

The Snowy Mountains are of incredible historical and ecological importance. They’re Australia’s largest alpine region and home for hundreds of endemic plant and animal species. The Snowies, like many of the world’s wild places, are particularly threatened by the effects of climate change.

Off the back of We Are Explorers’ highly successful 2019 crowdfunding campaign, where they purchased and protected a block of Daintree Rainforest, the leading travel publisher has partnered with the not-for-profit organisation Keep it Cool, to plant 6,000 native trees in the Snowy Mountains.

By planting these trees, We Are Explorers aims to create new habitats for wildlife, beautify the natural environment and, most importantly, draw down greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, making a positive contribution towards reversing the effects of climate change.

Every $5 donated will guarantee one tree can grow and thrive in Snowy Mountains’ soil.

They’re rallying the troops to support this local, “tree-roots”, crowdfunding project and help Rewild The Snowies.

Wanna play a part? It's easy. Donate as little or as much as you want. The more you donate, the better the treats for you. Like a slab of Capital XPA (and a bunch of other cool s**t).

Crowdfunding officially commences Tuesday 17 November and will run for just under a month.


There's a stack of incentives on offer for donating your cash, besides trees in the ground - you'll also get... 


$5 – 1 native tree planted and a warm pat on the back 

$25 – 5 trees planted and an invitation to our tree planting party in spring 2021

$50 – 10 trees planted, party invite and a cosy pair of Le Bent socks 

$100 – 20 trees planted, party invite and a limited edition Rewild the Snowies t-shirt, designed by local artist Leah Foster

$150 – 30 trees planted, party invite and a tasty case of Capital Brewing XPA

$200 – 40 trees planted, party invite and a snazzy pair of Zorali sandals 

$500 – 100 trees planted, party invite, Le Bent socks, Rewild the Snowies Tee, Capital Brewing XPA case and Zorali sandals 

$1000 – This one’s for businesses who want to lend a hand! 200 trees planted, shout out on We Are Explorers and invitations for 10 people in your company to come to our tree planting party 

$1500 – 300 trees planted, party invite and a Thredbo weekend away for two, lucky you!


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