We're expanding next door!!! Massive shout out to you thirsty folk.

We're expanding next door!!! Massive shout out to you thirsty folk.

We've just broken ground on a new packaging hall, doubling our production footprint and generating six new jobs at our Fyshwick based brewery to keep up with strong demand.

It's been 21 months since we opened the doors at our Dairy Rd facility in September 2017, we've grown from a small operation to one of the largest independently owned breweries in the country. We're stoked. Our beers are now ranged in major chains, bars, venues, and independent outlets across Australia.

The staffing base has grown from 5 to 46 full-time employees and cellar capacity has increased from a mere 15,000L to 82,500L, with an additional 40,000L of tanks arriving pre-summer 2019.

The new packaging hall, cellar space and staff will allow us to grow our existing annual production of 1.2 million litres of beer to 4.5 million litres to keep pace with strong demand for our award-winning brews. 

“Our brewery is at production capacity and that is entirely thanks to our community who have supported us since we started. The locals got behind us and we’d like to thank them, and lovers of good beer around the country, whose support has underpinned this home-grown success story” - Managing Director Laurence Kain.

The $1.1M  expansion into an adjacent warehouse on our Dairy Rd site will hold a new packaging hall complete with state-of-the-art canning line, centrifuge, conditioning tanks and speciality grain store. Food grade stainless steel pipework will carry beer through the roof from the existing fermentation cellar to the new hall. 

This announcement comes just weeks after news of a new Capital Brewing Co bar which will open at the Canberra Airport next autumn. It's all happening!! 

Further works for us over the next 12 months at Dairy Rd will include a quality-control & microbiology laboratory, and a doubling of the number of taps in the hospitality venue to increase the variety of beers available to the public.

New jobs will include Packaging staff, a supply-chain manager, sales support manager and additional sales and marketing staff.

“When you buy local beers, you’re supporting local growth, jobs and families”  “We’re proud to be reinvesting your hard-earned beer money into our community!” - Managing Director Laurence Kain


Cheers legends!!! 


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