We've gone plastic free for this years Floriade!

We've gone plastic free for this years Floriade!

Spring has sprung and the beer is brewed for our pub at this year's Floriade which will kick off in Commonwealth Park this weekend with a focus on reducing our wastage. We'll be pouring an assortment of internationally inspired beers into BioCups made from plants not plastic. These cups will then be turned into compost by insects in a world-first waste management solution. 

We didn't want to generate 10,000 plastic cups for landfill over the month-long event, so we've partnered with the ACT Government, BioPak and local waste-management firm Goterra to go plastic free at this year's event. 

A plastic-free solution was trialled at an event we ran in March this year, we gave 1,000 BioCups to our mates Goterra up the road and they were successfully fed to their Black Soldier fly larvae!! 

We've sourced our BioCups from leading sustainable packaging company BioPak. We're asking all you folk attending Floriade to deposit the cups in the specially marked bins before they're transferred to Goterra's facility to become a snack for their grubs.  

 "We are elated to be working with Capital Brewing Co and Floriade to help them reduce their environmental impact by supplying certified compostable cups made from plants not oil” said BioPak’s Founder and Sustainability Director Richard Fine. “In a world first our BioCups will be recycled naturally, along with other organic matter, with the help of insects.”

Made from polylactic acid (PLA), BioCups are Australian standard certified commercially compostable and require special conditions for them to decompose. Until the Goterra trial, no facility in the ACT was able to handle the waste stream. 

Goterra Founder and CEO Olympia Yarger said “Goterra  is focused on not only how we manage food waste, but what can we do to integrate better with our clients needs.  Being able to provide a solution that fits into Capital’s vision of plastic reduction is a great achievement for us.”

Environmental management is a cornerstone of our operation. Our Dairy Rd production facility features numerous smart energy and water saving features. All grain and other organic material from the brewing process is fed to cattle or composted. All packaging materials used by Capital is recyclable or compostable and includes marine-safe 6-pack holders made from 100% recycled, post-consumer waste. 

This year’s Floriade theme is A World in Bloom, we'll be celebrating with an array of internationally inspired brews from crisp Czech Pilsners to big, hoppy West Coast USA double India Pale Ales, with all the specialty brews to be served in compostable BioCups. Our Floriade Pub runs from noon everyday from Saturday September 14 until Sunday October 13 near Stage88 in Commonwealth Park,  Canberra.


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