Young Henrys and Capital Brewing New Beer style

Young Henrys and Capital Brewing New Beer style

We're creating a new beer style with our buddies Young Henrys! They'll be lobbing into the brewery to make the beer on Fri Jun 15, and as soon as the yeast is pitched, the party begins. The best bit... you get to name the brew!

Good mates Young Henrys and Capital Brewing are teaming-up to define a new Australian beer style - the very first Australian Winter Ale. Join us on brew day at the Capital Brewing Tap Room on Friday 15th June for knock-offs and a 'name this beer’ party, as we raise the middle finger to brewing tradition, by starting our own.

Music from Canberra's 'Northbourne Flats' and records spun by our very own Sydney brand rep 'DJ Joe Barrs'. More tunes to be announced.

Stay tuned for details on how to name this brew!!

Check out the event here

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