We’re committed to working towards a zero-waste brewhouse and are taking active steps to achieve this…

With the exception of some specialty grain bags, yeast packets, and some hop bags virtually all of the waste generated from our brewing processes is composted.

Around 1 Tonne of spent grain goes to local farmers from every brew and is primarily used as feed for cattle.

Our Trub which is high in nitrogen is composted.

We’ve installed a Grain silo which eliminates packaging waste and cuts freight emissions.

In terms of water consumption we use only 4.1L per litre of beer (this is well below the industry average of 5.3L). Our 2020 goal is 3.5L per litre of beer.

Our wastewater is treated in a settling tank and only released into the sewer when the pH is balanced and the temperature is correct.





Energy Efficiency

We run hot wort through a heat exchanger which simultaneously chills the wort from the boil (so as to not kill yeast) and heats the water, making it ready for the next batch of beer.

We operate using a low heat-loss pre-insulated glycol piping system (3x more expensive than standard copper piping you’ll see in a lot of breweries)

We also have an oversized glycol reservoir – the buffer tank within drastically reduces our power usage.

Our refrigeration motors are ran from a computer-controlled variable speed drive, this gives us more control and greater energy efficiency. 

We are in negotiations with our landlord to put solar panels on the roof and completely power the brewery and venue with renewables.



Enviro-conscious packaging

Cans are a no-brainer for us. They let in zero light and very little oxygen. This means less wastge/beer crimes!

Cans are lighter (less freight emissions!)

They chill fast, which means less energy is used to enjoy an ice cold brew. 

Better recycling rates than bottles (~95% recovery rate).

Lower profile than bottles means 35% more per pallet reducing the number of truck movements.

We use ocean-safe, fully recyclable Pac Tek handles made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic

We’ve started discussions with a leading Australian packaging manufacturer to see if they can make a fully compostable 6-pack holder.




Event Management

We’re committed to delivering sustainable events. Our last large event achieved an 88% diversion from landfill rate (up from 67% at our previous event). We’re working towards (and believe we can get to) 100%.

Where possible we use reusable glassware at events. We're working towards completely plastic-free events by the end of 2019 and are at the forefront of bio-cup trials here in the ACT.

We like to power our events as sustainably as possible. If solar is not available, we run 100% bio-diesel in generators.

The biggest contributor to our event carbon footprint is your travel to the event. We encourage and support active travel to our events and provide bike-racks for you legends who get here under your own steam. 

We're also implementing a world-first waste management solution at this years Floriade. We'll be pouring our beers into BioCups made from plants not plastic. These cups will then be turned into compost by insects in an innovative waste management solution!! 




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